Yoga Classes and Workshops



Mondays and Thursdays: online to your home

Eight-week courses in yoga, breath work and guided meditations, designed to suit the season and how we’re living our lives today.


Yoga for Homelife – physical yoga with a deep relaxation, working on muscle and bone strength as well as balance, preparing for a good night’s sleep.

7.45pm for 1 hour


We’ll be diving deeper into the mind-breath connection, focusing on the breath (pranayama) and developing a meditation practice to support our lives day-to-day

7.45pm for 1 hour


I’m all in! Full access

For full access to all 16 live classes. This course is perfect for beginners to intermediates. Classes will be via zoom.


Mid-Term Commitment

Mix and match x8 classes,, Monday Yoga for Homelife or x8 classes, Thursday Breathing Yoga and Meditation.


Mix and match

Full access to x4 classes from either the Monday Yoga for Homelife or the Thursday Breathing Yoga and Meditation.


If you’re new to Deana Morris Therapies, you’ll need to download and complete a health questionnaire. Terms and conditions apply.

1:1 Yoga

Whichever yoga choice feels right for you, if you’re new to yoga, a 1:1 class or two can give you a flying start to knowing how each posture can be modified for your body.

Individual practices developed on request.

Email to book a free 20 minute-consultation call.

‘Guiding us calmly and skilfully into our meditation. Recommended. Highly.’

Allie Johns, Stockport

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