These are people, just like you, who have experienced lasting results from working with me.

Letting go of anger
‘There’s a definite difference for me in the way I respond when I feel confronted. And it’s lasting – almost six months later the calmness and tranquility is still there when I’m faced with situations that used to make me feel anxious and angry. I feel much more in control and much more confident about the future – and that is exactly what I wanted and needed.’

Wendy Lines, Kings Sutton, Oxfordshire, UK

Freedom from perfectionism
‘Suddenly my procrastination and crippling perfectionism is gone, my relationship with my body is relaxed and loving, I have much more acceptance for my own and other people’s flaws and I am constantly productive. Unless I’m resting: which I now do often and sans guilt.’

Mrs C, international businesswoman

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‘I came to you as I have a history of self sabotaging any business I tried to start and I was desperate to succeed. You were so positive… I thoroughly enjoyed the session (even the crying!). I would recommend you to anyone who wants to change something about themselves, you are truly AMAZING, thank you.’

Jo Wells, Surrey, UK

I love Deana’s voice and tone. It was so soothing, it was like having a mind massage. Deana worked with me on believing in myself and I can honestly say now that I do. She helped me see how past events had held me back and they no longer serve me. Thank you again.’

Clare Walling, Kendal

Chronic Pain Management
‘Anyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity of you helping them is truly blessed.’

Susan Rabbitt, Bolton

Yoga Meditation
‘Thank you so much for the lovely meditation, I slept so well last night,’ 

Trisha Piper, Eastbourne

‘In addition to the strength I have gained from asana practices, meditation has allowed me to wander through parts of my mind I didn’t know existed. Very pleasant parts.’ 

Yoga student

Breath Work
‘Breath work has helped enormously as due to myasthenia gravis (MG) all my muscles are weak. I feel I can actually breathe now, rather than gasp for snippets of air.’ 

Susan Rabbitt, Bolton

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