Letting in light

Letting in light

When you choose a profession that aims to improve people’s lives, you likely do so because you are a Giver. Or a Fixer. Or that hybrid, the Giver-Fixer.

I’ve been learning recently about how to ask for client feedback, but most importantly, to also let in the kind words I hear back. I love seeing people shine and I love solving problems. But hearing how much I help people and letting myself enjoy that kindness… not so much! I go all bashful and blush, because like a lot of women I was brought up to see taking any kind of pleasure in being praised as some sort of moral failing. Somewhere up there with being a first class show-off.

Virtue may be its own reward, but if I’m not sharing the success stories, how am I helping anyone? I’ve come to realise happy clients want to help others.

So in the spirit of letting in praise and sharing that, below is a testimonial from a client I saw for stopping smoking earlier this month.

Nothing to do with weight control, at first glance. But sometimes the things that weigh us down aren’t sitting on our stomach, or hips and thighs.

In someways they’re worse, because they sit on our shoulders until they ache. They keep us awake at night and they gnaw away at our self-confidence. Or they sit on our chest and weigh heavy on our hearts.

Sometimes ‘feeling lighter’ is a metaphor. But it is possible to lighten your load and let go of that millstone.

And letting in praise does light you up. Remember to take your bows. And even nip back for one or two curtain calls. Smiling and breathing it in.