Heart health claims on omega 3s are fishy, say scientists

Heart health claims on omega 3s are fishy, say scientists

So big news for the omega 3 supplements fans – scientists say there is no evidence they work.

Research published today in The Guardian newspaper says anyone taking fishy oil supplements in the belief that they will help their heart health, or cut risk of stroke, are wasting their time.

The research backing omega 3 supplements for heart and brain health was carried out in the 1980s and 1990s. Apparently it’s been disputed for a while, but as a culture we’ve clung to hope, rather than evidence.

Interesting isn’t it, that when one science ‘fact’ is disputed by another science ‘fact’ the new science can’t always win hearts and minds.

Of course, this review is wide-ranging, and for the World Health Organisation,which presumably means we’ve been buying into less than robust science ‘fact’ for decades.

When asked whether eating oily fish had benefits, these scientists said ‘probably’ as it was then being eaten with other nutrients, such as vitamin D, calcium and iodine, which also play a major role in our overall health.

And this is the interesting point. 

Our bodies are complex. One swallow does not make a summer. One swallow of one nutrient does not make a healthy heart.

Bottom line?

According to the scientists: ‘Spend your money on vegetables’.

So here we have science telling us that good old fashioned, healthy eating is the answer. Not buying magic pills.

Well, who would have guessed?

Of course, there are whole industries built on supplements, so now its over to the power of consumerism to do battle with reason.

But if you want my advice, for what its worth. Eat lots of vegetables and some fruit, preferably in season for where you live. Some meat and fish, nuts, eggs and dairy are great for protein, but you don’t need that much. Everything else is high days and holidays fare. Drink lots of water.

You’ll feel better; that’s the evidence, surely. The body knows, but are you prepared to listen?