Hypnosis: the ultimate natural painkiller

Hypnosis: the ultimate natural painkiller

Did you know learning the art of self hypnosis can help you reduce chronic pain?

I wish I had known this when I was was struggling with arthritis in my left hip.

Frustrated by my reliance on prescription pain-reducing drugs which really only offset the discomfort, I was still experiencing pain in all waking hours.

The operation changed my life and living pain-free lifted a cloud of physical and mental tension and oppression I hadn’t realised was so pervasive until it was gone.

So when I knew Dr John Butler at Hypnotherapy Training International offered a Medical Hypnotherapy course, based on Gil Boyne and David Elman’s teaching and expertise, I couldn’t wait to learn these skills. And they’ve never disappointed.

Empowering clients to develop the skills that allow them to turn down their experience of pain is deeply satisfying for both of us. Because we are our own rescue in life. Therapists light the way, but it is the client that has the ‘a-ha’ moments that enable them to see and feel differently, emotionally and, where appropriate, physically.

Below is Georgie’s story. We worked together via Zoom (like Skype) – face-to-face, in-person isn’t necessary. She tells the story better than I can do, so if you’re interested in how hypnotherapy techniques can help you control chronic pain… read on.

‘I was fortunate enough to meet Deana over Christmas and that one meeting changed the way I am now able to live my life. I’m almost entirely pain free, have lost the reliance on painkillers and best of all I’m in control. My health has improved, I’m sleeping through every night and generally much more positive and happier. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who lives with pain and battles on thinking there isn’t another option. There most definitely is! 

‘Deana and I met for work and I happened to mention that I suffered with chronic pain in my knee. After having a knee replacement at the age of 14, 30 years later, 2 children, lots of sport (running and skiing) had meant the wear and tear on my knee had really taken its toll. I suffered daily with pain and managed this with multiple painkillers. The pain was always worse in winter and the cold really did increase levels of suffering. I’d tried physio, acupuncture, reflexology, but nothing offered much more than a temporary respite.

‘I have always enjoyed exercise but latterly tended to opt for more low impact classes like pilates and yoga. I know that in the long-term I need another operation, but simply don’t have the time currently for recovery. Two young children who need ferrying here there and everywhere and no family support mean that I’m too heavily relied upon to take time out.

‘Deana said that as well as being a magazine editor and yoga teacher that she is also a hypnotherapist and could treat me and help me find a way to ease the pain without painkillers. I was intrigued. I had a lot of friends who swore by hypnobirthing and while I flicked through a few books while pregnant never committed.

‘Almost a month ago I undertook my first hypnosis session with Deana. We did it via Zoom video conferencing. I was initially sceptical, but her soothing voice and clear instructions took me to a different place where I was able to ‘turn off the pain’. The whole process took around 20 minutes and after an initial feeling of calm, felt invigorated and energised, but more crucially had minimal pain in my knee. Yes, it was still there, but the effects were the same as taking pain relieving medication. Interestingly I got on with my day and it wasn’t until the evening that I realised that I hadn’t even thought about pain relief. This was the turning point for me and I realised that I had with Deana achieved something remarkable and if I could control the pain I was experiencing then I could live differently, be more active and less miserable and grumpy (something my family most definitely are thanking her for).

‘Deana sent me through a recording to take me through the process when I was alone. This initially I found hard. Trying to get uninterrupted quiet time with two bouncy boys and a puppy was challenging. I found my mind wondering and getting distracted. I persevered and by the end of the first week had cracked it. I was able to turn off the pain to almost nothing. I was sleeping well and no stomach issues through overuse of codeine. I haven’t felt so well and up-beat for years. My family and friends began noticing a difference and people were really interested in the process and how it had worked. 

‘I’m now a month in and not only have I been able to run short distances but have just completed a fitness weekend doing 14 classes including squats, weight-bearing exercises, jumping – utterly unimaginable only 4 weeks ago.

‘While I know hypnosis isn’t a cure it has transformed the quality of my life. I have even had success with a hangover headache, the control we have over the pain we feel is something I still struggle to fully comprehend, but it works. I’m not totally sure how, but I love the fact it’s natural and wherever I am in the world I can get instant relief without panicking there is no chemist nearby. Thank you Deana the impact you have had on my life is immense. I feel as if anything is achievable and without the constant pain feel liberated, optimistic and focused on the future.

‘I cannot recommend Deana highly enough. She has a wealth of experience and will help guide you through every step. Above all you will be amazed as to how quickly you start to see results and that will give you the impetus to prioritise the sessions and stick with them for a longer-term gain.’

Georgina Darby, 
Windsor Berkshire