5 reasons why yoga brings more profit to your business

5 reasons why yoga brings more profit to your business

What does lunchtime look like where you are?

A refreshing walk in the park with your work best-friends? 

Maybe you’re juggling the job and family so for you it’s (yet another) quick dash around the supermarket, grabbing everything you need to keep the home life together? 

Or is it this… Another uninspiring sandwich, eaten el desko as you plough on with your spreadsheets and emails between bites?

If you work in a small team or you’re a solo operator, pounding the keyboard at home, it’s very easy to prioritise everything but what’s screaming out for your attention.

Can’t hear it? No? Let me ask you this…

Got any niggling aches and pains? Do you find you’re flagging as the day progresses? Reaching for snacks and caffeine to push you through the work?

That’s the screaming. Your body’s screaming ‘Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!’ And probably swearing it’s backside off too.

So, no – another headache pill and another shot of coffee is not the answer. Not when your mind, body and soul needs nourishing.

Yoga: the stress buster supremo
Yoga cuts through stress like a knife through butter and stress costs your business – a lot. Have you considered how many days productivity you’ve lost to stress? And if you’re a solo operator like me then you know how valuable your health is – losing time is one thing, being ill is not going to help our profit margins.

One of the world’s biggest health insurance companies, Aetna Inc, worked with a university to measure employee stress and evaluate a corporate yoga programme they introduced at the company. Employees taking part showed a 33% reduction in stress levels in just 12 weeks. If stress is costing your business; yoga is a great investment, not a luxury.

Yoga: mindset booster
Yogic philosophy has an assortment of highly effective weapons for battling though any day. Like mind martial arts. The art of ‘non attachment’ changes your life like no other when it comes to getting along with coworkers. Once we can separate our emotions from our actions life gets a lot easier.

Yoga: instant energy
Want to change how you feel. With yoga. Right now. In just 2.5 minutes? Try this.

Set your phone timer to let you know when 2 minutes are up.

Stand with your feet apart. Hands on your hips. Chest lifted. A slight smile on your lips.

Close your eyes.

Feel the energy flowing up from the ground. Sense your spine lengthening as the energy surges up.

Imagine your cape, your wonder woman or superman cape, fluttering in the breeze behind you.

Breathe in deep.Breathe out deeper.

When the timer rings, throw your arms up into the air – like you’re celebrating Olympic gold. Hold your arms up there for 10 breaths.

Feel free to shout ‘YES’ if you want to.

How do you feel now? Better? That power posing exercise – viramudra to jayamudra, if you want the yoga terms for that– is a very quick way to shift your psychology through your physiology. Imagine what a weekly class could gift you.

Yoga: the office painkiller
We all know sitting is ‘the new smoking’ and our desk bound lives are doing us no good. At all. But  as well as giving you great tips for yoga at your desk, the strength and muscle work developed through a physical yoga practice, together with improved posture, makes our lives more comfortable.

Yoga: the focus sharpener
Mindfulness is an amazing tool for helping us get through all those annoying jobs we purposely ignore in favour of the ones we prefer. Turn the dull jobs into a mindfulness exercise and the joy can start to reveal itself.And, being completely present, you make fewer mistakes. Saving more time. Hurrah.

I could go on, but here’s the bottom line. Yoga saves you money, makes you happy, stronger and more effective, your team more effective and so your profit margins more effective.

All you need is space for a yoga mats, a dance studio space is not required. 

I teach corporate yoga in the Eastbourne area of the UK, but every town has one, if not more. What have you got to lose? Except maybe your back ache.

From ‘crippling perfectionism’ to ease and flow

From ‘crippling perfectionism’ to ease and flow

Suddenly my procrastination and crippling perfectionism is gone, my relationship with my body is relaxed and loving, I have much more acceptance for my own and other people’s flaws and I am constantly productive. Unless I’m resting: which I now do often and sans guilt.
Mrs C, international businesswoman


I’ve been recently working with clients around the area of Confidence. It’s curious how clients come in clusters, but also useful, because you learn from people’s different experiences in a way that helps you see patterns very quickly.

This is quite detailed feedback from an amazing professional woman who is focused on being all that she can be. It was an absolute pleasure to help her shift from procrastination and self-doubt into a state of ease and ‘flow’.

Because she is well known in her field, she was keen to remain anonymous; client confidentiality is always respected by therapists so that’s why she’s not named. However, this is published with her blessing.

I meet many swans, frantically paddling through life, desperately pretending to glide. I’ve been one. If this rings bells for you; know that change is possible and you have the answers locked with you. You just need the key.

What is so special about Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is the way it uses hypnosis to help the client get right into their subconscious and the roots of their issue. One to three sessions are usually all you need. And for a busy swan, that’s a big bonus.


Testimonial from Mrs C, a business consultant
working across Europe

The Issue

I felt particularly vulnerable after a period of three massive personal challenges that I have had to overcome, one after the other. It felt like this has influenced my professional life: I was losing confidence in my abilities. 

Even though I was in the best possible place professionally – I was doing the exact thing I always dreamed of doing and I was aware that I was not particularly bad at it either – I was struggling whenever I tried to convince someone to hire me. Rationally I was quite certain that the client could benefit from my work, but silently I was doubting myself and it was crushing me.

Conventional therapy has helped me overcome most of my issues – at least the ones that I was aware of. However, this lack of confidence had surprised me, and I did not know how to approach it. It seemed like hypnotherapy might be something to try, even though I secretly harboured doubts about its powers.

But after the initial session I realised there were events in my remote past that have shaped me in unexpected ways. These little events, seemingly not at all relevant, have produced tidal waves of emotion. While I was unaware of their source, they were quietly sabotaging me in my daily professional life.

The Experience

It felt like someone had opened the door to a completely new part of me, where memories, emotions and rationalisations live beyond my control and awareness. 

However, even though it has been shocking in a way, it was utterly pleasant. But mostly it brought a big sigh of relief that comes with finally understanding why I sometimes feel things I can’t explain rationally.

I have been through conventional therapy very successfully, I have educated myself and I have found my focus in life. However, hypnotherapy showed me that I only think I understand myself. I think that until you manage the courage to peek into your subconscious, you have not really understood your motivations. 

Deana is an extremely gentle therapist. I think she understands that the revelations her clients are met with during her sessions can be a little shocking, so she takes extra care to make you feel safe and accepted. Also, she makes you feel like this struggle you are facing is now your joint obstacle: you will tackle it together. She helps her clients climb those barricades they have built for themselves and then she checks on them to see how they are doing once they are on their own path. 

The outcomes: what’s changed

It’s funny how difficult it is to explain this. I was hoping for more confidence and absence of doubt in myself professionally. What I got was this hard-to-describe feeling that there is no need to try this hard, because as long as you live your best life, everything you do is good enough.

Suddenly my procrastination and crippling perfectionism is gone, my relationship with my body is relaxed and loving, I have much more acceptance for my own and other people’s flaws and I am constantly productive. Unless I’m resting: which I now do often and sans guilt.

I think it is safe to say that I have been more genuinely productive since my hypnotherapy session than I have been in the last 20 years.

I am not denying that I was quite productive before, too, but it was always with a sense of having to push through. Always, I felt like I was climbing a very steep mountain. Everything felt like a chore, even the simple things. I wanted to do the work, but at the same time I somehow did not want to do it. So I had to battle myself and win every time something had to be done. Since the hypnotherapy session though, my work is easy. It feels natural and satisfying to sit down and do the thing that needs to be done – be it challenging or trivial. Almost no willpower needed. 

Somehow, Deana helped me find the reason I was trying to stop myself from doing my best work, showing me how silly this reason really is and helped me say goodbye to it. 

The value

Yes, I would recommend working with Deana because she is dedicated to helping her clients and she knows exactly what she is doing. She is gentle, loving and knowledgeable, which is precisely what you need in a hypnotherapist.

Give it a go, there are great advantages in understanding yourself fully. Deana will help you discover yourself and your invisible obstacles, she will help you dismantle them and your life will change. The change will be subtle, you will still be you, but suddenly there will be a positive ripple effect over several areas of your life.