This is it. The time is NOW!

If you’re like many of the amazing women I’ve worked with, you’re moving through Midlife. You’re wise enough to spot behaviour patterns that don’t serve you… but how do you end them for good?

My goal is to free you from those patterns; help you create a life of physical, mental and emotional confidence, equipped with tools to fulfil your potential. Say ‘YES!’ to starting right now and sign up, with my free ‘get-grounded’ meditation audio.

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Change in Action
‘Suddenly my procrastination and crippling perfectionism is gone, my relationship with my body is relaxed and loving, I have much more acceptance for my own and other people’s flaws and I am constantly productive. Unless I’m resting: which I now do often and sans guilt.’
Mrs C, international businesswoman
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Hi, my name’s Deana. I’m dedicated to helping you create your best life.
May the force of love always be with you. xox