Midlife, Shining

A 10-week transformational programme for women wanting lasting change

Are you excited about stepping into your fifties and beyond? Into the Second Spring, as we call it in Menopause Yoga.

Or are you hesitant? Not just because the future is always a little daunting, but because you can see patterns in your past that you are – quite frankly – sick of the sight of?

Midlife gives us all precious gifts. One can be the ability to see where the same mistakes keep presenting themselves in our lives.

I know what it’s like to feel that you’re on a runaway train with no idea where the brakes are.

Of course, the challenge is – what to do about it?

If you’ve had that lightbulb moment, perhaps you’ve…

  • Noticed repeat patterns in difficulties you face at work or intimate relationships?
  • Spotted there are self-destructive habits kicking in when you’re under pressure?
  • Bouts of depression or anxiety that can flare up during hard times?

I discovered the transformative power of hypnotherapy while I was at a very low point in my career.

Unlike talking therapies I had tried in the past, with hypnotherapy I felt my attitudes and actions powerfully shift – and it didn’t take months of weekly hour-long sessions that frequently left me feeling exhausted.

It was swift and long-lasting.

Working with some of the best trainers in transformational hypnotherapy I could find, I gathered a toolkit of powerful techniques. Using them I’ve created a programme tailored for the needs of midlife women wanting to step into the next phase of their life with confidence.

In this 10-week programme you will:

  • discover the root causes of your issues and reframe beliefs that hold you back from achieving your true desires
  • develop new ways of being and habits of action that better align with what you want for yourself
  • get excited about the changes opening up for you and the life to come.

    And you’ll do this through:
  • a 45-minute Zoom intensive where we’ll map out your goals for our time together
  • three 90-minute Zoom-delivered Transforming Hypnotherapy sessions where we’ll dive into the roots of what’s holding you back, replacing those old limiting thoughts and habits to help prepare you for your goals success
  • three bespoke self-hypnosis recordings to support your journey between sessions and as you step forward.

Exclusively for Menopause Yoga Workshop clients – a special gift

If you book with me by Friday 23 October 2020 I’ll also teach you a hypnotherapy technique which takes you to such deep levels of relaxation it’s possible to numb aches and pains swiftly, without taking painkillers. Value £100.



‘From the 1-2-1 hypnotherapy session I got real insights into why I struggled to speak up for myself and there’s a definite difference for me in the way I respond when I feel confronted. And it’s lasting – almost six months later the calmness and tranquility is still there when I’m faced with situations that used to make me feel anxious and angry.

Wendy Lines, Kings Sutton, Oxfordshire

‘There’s a definite relief in knowing where issues stem from, and understanding they are just patterns of behaviour I picked up as a child that I don’t need as an adult. They made sense then, but not now and I can change. I have changed. ‘Suddenly my procrastination and crippling perfectionism is gone, my relationship with my body is relaxed and loving, I have much more acceptance for my own and other people’s flaws and I am constantly productive. Unless I’m resting: which I now do often and sans guilt.’

Mrs C, international businesswoman

‘I came to you as I have a history of self sabotaging any business I try to start and I was desperate to succeed this time as I was in a job I hated.  You were so positive and filled me with such hope and I thoroughly enjoyed the session (even the crying!).

‘Immediately after my session with you I felt more positive and I am in the process of starting a business again and have got such a good attitude towards it, knowing that I WILL succeed this time. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to change something about themselves, you are truly AMAZING, thank you.’

Jo Wells, Surrey, UK

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