Menopause Yoga Home Mini Retreat

Please note, this event is postponed, due to family illness. A new date to be announced very soon.

Take two hours for you.
To explore, to soothe, to empower… and get away from you lockdown life with this introduction to Menopause Yoga

  • Sunday 7 June 2020 – 2pm-4pm BST
  • Via Zoom – from my home to yours
  • 12 places only – £20
  • A mini home treat tailored to the needs of the women who sign up

I know.

You’re wondering how it came to be that your life got parked to one side as this life we’re living now has taken over, pretty much, everything we took as normality.

If you’re like me you’re doing what you did before, all from home, plus cooking endless meals (restaurants. remember them? Me? I could weep into my 1950s housewife apron, but I digress…) . Perhaps you’re home alone or with your partner, maybe plus other people too.

But when are you ever alone with women who know what you’re physically, mentally and emotionally experiencing as you travel through menopause?

In the quiet of the night. When you feel like you’re on fire and you’re having a hot flush.

Or your anxiety os overwhelming or your frustration is simmering to boiling point.

Or your deepest wish is to slide under the duvet and never come out. Not even for dark chocolate.

Menopause Yoga Mini Retreat to the rescue

Menopause Yoga is a nurturing blend of yoga postures, mindfulness techniques, breathing practices and meditations, drawing on yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda and aiming to empower women, just like you, to take more control of their perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause symptoms.

In this two-hour mini retreat I can’t share everything that Menopause Yoga has to offer you, but I can give you a flavour of how it brings women together, to empower ourselves and practice together.

And I’ll build the retreat around the symptoms you share with me when you sign up, meaning we’ll cover ground that’s meaningful to you today.

What if I’ve never done yoga before?

I’ll send you a health questionnaire so we can see if there’s issues, like low blood pressure, we need to be mindful of but Menopause Yoga aims to be accessible to every body.

But I’m already through menopause…

Me too. And Menopause Yoga was especially relevant to me. I wasn’t expecting it, because I was expecting to ‘learn and share’ when I trained as a Menopause Yoga teacher. But I found it a transformational experience. When I looked deep into myself, with the extraordinary women I trained with, I knew I was hanging on, to the past, to a way of being a woman that wasn’t empowering me, it was depleting me. I was still having a whole host of menopause-related symptoms that weren’t going anywhere. In fact several of them got worse when I was postmenopausal. But Menopause Yoga helped me take control and move forward, seeing myself more clearly and talk about my wellness from a place of power.

How do I know if I’m in perimenopause or menopause?

Perimenopause is the time before menopause, when our hormone production decreases and we start to experience some symptoms, like hot flushes and mood swings, joint and muscle aches, and/or perhaps a lack of interest in sex. Your hair might thin, your skin might change; hormones impact on our bodies in many ways. Perimenopause can last for a few months or several years. It usually starts in your forties but, of course, there are always exceptions. Menopause is when you have not had a period for 12 consecutive months and you pass into your postmenopause years – what Ayurveda calls the second Spring.

Ayurveda? I don’t know anything about that.

Don’t worry, in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda isn’t essential either. It’s a sister science to yoga that looks at wellness in a different way from Western cultural norms. One of its key differences is how our post-50 lives are viewed by Ayurveda, in a way that is also common in countries like Japan. Dividing our life into seasons, Menopause is seen as a winter, from which we emerge ready to be full of the joy and enthusiasm we had for life as children, but with all that knowledge and wisdom we have gathered to share with the world. This ‘second Spring’ is a time to be more loving and caring towards yourself, mind and body. Menopause Yoga gives you tools to bring to your daily self care routines.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you make payment – the button’s below – and drop me an email, I’ll send you a questionnaire that asks you about the symptoms you’re experiencing and that will help guide the mini-retreat’s practice for us all. You’ll meet other women experiencing similar symptoms and there will be opportunities in the retreat to share your experiences and knowledge.

I’ll also send you a Zoom link for Sunday 7 June 2020 and I’ll see you on the mat for two hours of postures, breathing practices and meditations as well as information and ideas you’ll find helpful for your journey forward.

When women come together they can achieve magic. I’m excited to be running this first introductory mini retreat. I’d love for you to share this experience.

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