Change stories

Real people: lasting impact

These are people, just like you, who have experienced lasting results from working with me.

Recovery from Trauma



‘Suddenly my procrastination and crippling perfectionism is gone, my relationship with my body is relaxed and loving, I have much more acceptance for my own and other people’s flaws and I am constantly productive. Unless I’m resting: which I now do often and sans guilt.’
Mrs C, international businesswoman

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Confidence and Voice

‘I have always had a problem being heard, ever since being a child. When I tried to talk about subjects that raised my anxiety it felt like my throat closed up. And I knew I lacked the confidence I wanted. I felt blocked. Stuck. Frustrated.

‘The experience was a big surprise for me and a great catalyst for making change in my life. I discovered memories which I’d completely forgotten about, memories that explained why I reacted the way I did. Deana helped me see that what had happened in the past was not relevant to who I am now and where I want to be.

‘I feel different. I want to take action and move forward with the next phase of my life. I certainly feel more confident and my ability to speak up and be heard continues to get stronger.’

Mirkah, Eastbourne, UK

Self-sabotage and Confidence


‘I came to you as I have a history of self sabotaging any business I try to start and I was desperate to succeed this time as I was in a job I hated.  You were so positive and filled me with such hope and I thoroughly enjoyed the session (even the crying!).

‘Immediately after my session with you I felt more positive and I am in the process of starting a business again and have got such a good attitude towards it, knowing that I WILL succeed this time. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to change something about themselves, you are truly AMAZING, thank you.’
Jo Wells, Surrey, UK

Anxiety and Stress

‘I saw Deana for my anxiety, which had completely taken over my life. I was in a state of constant panic and worry. I was losing my temper over the slightest thing at work and I would get sweaty palms all the time.

‘I found the hypnosis experience really releasing and healing. It was quite emotional but on the whole it felt like I’d been in a deep sleep.

‘Since my session, and I’ve only had one, my anxiety symptoms have calmed down a hell of a lot, by at least 80 per cent. I’m so much more rational and a lot less reactive; I just take a breath and give myself time to think through what to do when something upsets me. For me the change has been gradual. Listening to the recording every night really helped.

‘I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy and I’d absolutely recommend Deana. You see hypnosis on TV and you think it’s about entertainment, I never realised it could be a healing thing too.’
Robert I, Manchester

Quitting smoking

‘I saw Deana to give up smoking.  It’s been affecting my health and I’ve been feeling very guilty as I have been doing it in secret for a long time and I’ve been worried about how it will affect my little boy.

‘Working with Deana was such a pleasure. I felt she understood my problem and did not judge me at all. She has a very calming way about her and I felt at ease throughout the whole session.

‘Deana has created a seismic shift in my approach to smoking. I know I feel confident in my ability to quit despite other methods not working for me before.

‘I would recommend working with Deana wholeheartedly because not only is she able to produce dramatic results, it was a pleasure to work with her and she made the whole process enjoyable.’
HC, Liverpool

Building Confidence

‘Firstly, I love Deana’s voice and tone. It was so soothing, it was like having a mind massage.

‘Deana worked with me on believing in myself and I can honestly say now that I do believe in myself.

‘She helped me see how past events had held me back and they no longer serve me. Deana is light hearted and so lovely to be around. Thank you again.’
Clare Walling, Kendal

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